Onelife - 100% Natural Cotton Clothing

Onelife - 100% Natural Cotton Clothing

Real clothes for real women.


Onelife fashion label prides itself on using natural fabrics with a collection of figure skimming shapes, floaty hems and breathable fabrics. If you are new to Onelife clothes, you will discover that they are easy to wear, easy to travel, and easy care.

Onelife Clothing provides ultimate versatility and year round comfort to mix and match no matter where life takes you. The summer collection, which is 100% cotton, needs minimum care, providing an excellent holiday or cruise wear wardrobe.

If you are planning a holiday in the sun, cotton is the perfect material for helping you feel cool and comfortable. The cotton fibres in clothing hold the fabric away from the skin, further allowing for more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric that helps with insulation and comfort. Cotton is also well known for being soft, breathable and hypoallergenic.

The easy cotton designs flow beautifully, and may be dressed up or down, making an easy transition from day to night.