Bra Fitting Service

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Here at Fashion Parade we offer a wide variety of womens lingerie through our sister brand Bare Necessities. Our comprehensive selection of bras and lingerie encompass everything from luxury lingerie and Swimwear, to Mastectomy Wear. We have lingerie to suit every need.

We understand that the key to flattering lingerie is buying the correct size and how comfortable it makes you feel, which is why we offer a bra fitting service to help you find the perfect bra for your body. Our professional service provides you with expert measurements that range from Plus Sizes and cup sizes A-K. Our fitting service is available in store or we can provide online advice.

Getting fitted for a bra may seem unnecessary, however many women are wearing the wrong bra size. At our lingerie shop you will be fitted by an expert, which means you will walk away feeling far more comfortable and supportive because you'll be wearing the correct bra size. 


Why you should go to a professional bra fitting

Getting fitted for a bra may seem unnecessary, however many women are wearing the wrong bra size. At our Lingerie shop you will be fitted by an expert, which means you will walk away wearing the correct bra size which will be far more comfortable and supportive than what you came in with. 


Bra fittings are especially important for those getting their first bras, or their first bra post mastectomy, to ensure comfort and support.


What to expect when you visit us for a bra fitting

We offer bra fitting appointments that can last anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on how much fitting support you are looking for. 


Our team of expert fitters are also able to provide online fittings if you are unable to visit our lingerie shop in-person.


Will you need to remove your clothes for the appointment?

Our expert fitters will ask to see you in your bra to see how well your current bra is fitting so they can identify the perfect fit for you, however you will be left alone in the changing room to try on any bras they recommend to test the fit. 


If you are uncomfortable removing your top for the appointment just speak to your fitter on arrival and they will do whatever is possible to make you feel comfortable during your fitting, and are able to conduct your fitting over your clothing if that is what you desire.


What you may need to do before your fitting

The only thing we ask of you before your in-person appointment is to wear your best-fitting bra to give our fitters a good idea of where to begin.


If you have an online appointment please make sure you also have a stable internet connection, a quiet area, and you may be asked by our fitters to use a tape measure to help them to find your perfect fit.


Why you should have a bra fitting after a Mastectomy

Bras are essential after receiving a mastectomy to provide support to the remaining natural breast, or to a breast form. After a mastectomy you will likely experience scarring and skin sensitivity, and having the correct fitting bra can reduce any irritation you may be experiencing. At Bare Necessities and Fashion Parade we have a range of Mastectomy bras to choose from, that can be fitted by our experts.


Why buy from The Fashion Parade and Bare Necessities?

The Fashion Parade and Bare Necessities bridge the gap between budget and designer, creating wearable fashion and lingerie without the hefty price tag. Our Personal Shopper service can help you to find the perfect outfit for you, and our alteration service ensures that you get the perfect fit every time.


Contact us to find out more and get started with our great products and services, or contact our team at Bare Necessities for more information on our professional fitting service.