Bra Fitting Service


Here at the Fashion Parade (Uttoxeter, Staffordshire) we offer a free and discrete bra fitting service in store. A well fitting bra can quite literally change your life. From feeling more comfortable and in control to correcting posture and easing back pain; the need for a correctly fitted bra is of great importance. 

Women with heavier breasts (DD+) may suffer from more issues from an incorrectly fitted bra than women with small breasts. Not only can a correctly fitted bra make you feel more confident and in control it can also correct bad posture and alleviate back pain. A correctly fitted bra can also make a difference to how your clothes hang. 

There are 100's of bra sizes hence why finding the correct size for you can be difficult. This is why it is best left to the professionals! Not only is sizing individual but your sizing may differ with different brands and styles. Our bra fitting experts will fit each individual bra specifically to you meaning that every bra in your wardrobe fits perfectly. 

How to know when you need a bra fitting...

We recommend having each bra you purchase fitted by one of our trained professionals. However if you want to check if your current bra still fit properly a quick and easy way to check is if any of the points below apply then it could be time to have a fitting for some new bras! 

  • If the top of the cup is baggy or tight.
  • If your boobs are slipping down under the bottom of the bra.
  • If the safe wires are sitting on breast tissue. 

No appointment necessary just pop into visit us at The Fashion Parade, Uttoxeter.