Anita Care Mastectomy Bras


There is nothing better than a well fitting bra.


After a mastectomy operation a well fitting, comfortable bra can be difficult to find.

Anita Care Mastectomy Bra

Anita specialise in mastectomy bras, constantly working on ways of improving their products, developing new materials and fine-tuning the perfect fit. Founded in 1886 Anita have been designing and producing bras with a ‘classic chic’ look with timeless designs and styles.


Anita source and use the highest quality materials to form a premium quality bra. Anita suggests that a high quality and perfectly designed bra gives its wearer a sense of security and a spring in their step.

Anita Mastectomy Bra

We stock Anita mastectomy bras that have breast form pockets, one on each side. The pockets are made of a particularly soft cotton material, micromodal or microfiber, materials which feel natural and gentle on the skin.


The Fashion Parade offers a professional and discrete fitting service to ensure your comfort.

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