The Essential Guide to Charity Ball Dressing

The Essential Guide to Charity Ball Dressing

So you’ve been invited to a Charity Ball. A night full of food, fun and fundraising is ahead of you, but what should you wear? Most Charity Ball’s have some form of theme, whether it is in relation to the chosen charity, or just to add a touch of class to the evening. 

Dressing to match the theme of the evening is both fun and essential, which is why we have created a guide for any themes you may come across, and how to dress to match them. Most Charity Ball invitations will come with a set of dress code guidelines to help you come up with the perfect dress or outfit for the occasion, but at The Fashion Parade we’re here to lend a helping hand.

What To Wear For a Black Tie Charity Event

A classic theme for any charity event is Black Tie. A formal occasion, this theme will see men in tuxedos, and ladies in full-length ball gowns, little black dresses and cocktail dresses like the Joseph Ribkoff Signature V-Neck Long Dress, an investment piece that can be used time after time to add glamour to any future events.

Whilst black is preferred for these events, there is no rule against wearing colour, just as there is no rule against wearing appropriate jumpsuits or trouser and shirt combinations.

Dressing appropriately for a Black Tie Gala is essential. These events have been created to centre around a chosen charity, a fashion faux pas should not be waiting to steal the show.

An elegant blue evening dress for women

Creative Black Tie Outfits For Your Next Charity Ball

A twist on Black Tie, Creative Black Tie gives attendees the freedom to add some personality to their outfits. From printed ties and shirts to brightly coloured gowns and sparkly mini cocktail dresses like the Joseph Ribkoff Signature Sequin Dress, this is your chance to have some fun with your look. Sparkly outfits such as these can also be reused, and worn throughout the festive season to add some flare to the festivities.

These events may have a secondary theme, such as the roaring 20s, in which case, adding accessories that match the theme to your outfit can make all the difference. Now’s your chance to push the boundaries of Black Tie events, but don’t go overboard.

A woman posing in an elegant, sequined dress

Semi-Formal Event Wear For A Charity Gala

For Charity events that include a sit-down dinner, a semi-formal theme may be deemed appropriate. Men should wear a suit and tie, whilst women will be encouraged to wear tea dresses or little black dresses like the InWear Veta Drape Dress. Prints and fun colours are always welcome at a semi-formal event, as are trousers and skirts with a nice blouse, like this Joseph Ribkoff Black Gem Detail Top or the InWear Panya Green Blouse, don’t be afraid to stand out. No matter the occasion, every woman should invest in the perfect Little Black Dress for a stylish outfit for all future occasions.

A long, black dress featuring a wraparound design perfect for a black tie event

Outfit Tips For A Fabulous Charity Ball

If in doubt, when it comes to a Charity Ball, think glamour. You should dress to feel elegant, a charity ball is a formal event, so wear clothes that make you feel on top of the world. 

You are likely to be at the event for a few hours at least, so whilst you should aim to look your best, remember to dress for comfort also. You want to be able to enjoy your evening, not worrying about an itchy label, sore feet and wardrobe malfunctions.

Stand out from the crowd with a dress from The Fashion Parade

Finding the perfect women's occasion wear can be tricky, which is why at The Fashion Parade we’re happy to help you find the perfect investment piece for any occasion. Get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions, or need advice on finding the perfect charity ball dress.