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Why a Correctly Fitting Bra is so Important

Most people that wear bras are unknowingly choosing one that doesn’t fit them correctly. Although it can be tempting to pick up the most attractive style and go about your day, it may mean that you are causing some detriment to your health -  affecting your posture, confidence and overall wellbeing.

Here at The Fashion Parade, we specialise in the fitting of attractive luxury lingerie & bras in a range of sizes and styles. With cup sizes from A-J, there are plenty to choose from online and in-store. 

To ensure you pick a bra that fits every time, we have put together this go-to guide as to why a correctly fitting bra is so important and some top tips to help you come to the best decision that works for you.

Attend a bra fitting service

One of the easiest ways to identify your correct bra size is to attend a bra fitting service. Not only is a bra that fits of huge importance to your daily life, but it can also make a difference to your bank account - there’s no better time to break the cycle of buying ill-fitting bras, throwing them away, and buying more again!

A bra fitting service is also an opportunity to get some advice from an expert and ask any questions. The service and expertise on offer are entirely yours so use it to your advantage.

Book a bra fitting appointment at The Fashion Parade. Our expert team in Derby will be on hand to advise you on all your individual needs and help you choose the right bra size every time. Contact us at our lingerie store today for more information.


A bra with an underwire is not necessarily a bra that fits


The underwire in a bra may be giving us a false sense of security when it comes to choosing a correctly fitting bra. 


It’s true that it makes the garment somewhat more robust, however you still have to ensure that the band is not too tight around your chest, or that the supportive nature of the wire is providing the support for you in the right places. 


The support offered from an underwire bra may also be short-lived. With regular washing and drying, there is also a possibility of the wire becoming broken and sticking out of the fabric of the bra. This may lead to increased discomfort from the wire sticking into and rubbing against your skin. 


Correct measurement and styling from a bra fitting service are key when it comes to choosing an amazing new underwire bra that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable and irritated.


Reduce those back aches and pains from your bra and feel confident


Most women will notice small changes in their breast size and shape over time. This can occur through weight changes, diet changes, medication or age. Some women will also need more support in fitting for bras post-surgery


Each person will likely experience irritating back aches and pains from their bra after changes in their breast size. A yearly bra fitting service will be able to alleviate these aches and pains by re-tailoring your bras to fit you for longer.

The variation in sizing and styling will also have an impact on the aesthetics of your outerwear. An improvement in your posture and health will ensure you’re feeling better in your clothes. Re-discover your confidence in any outfit!


Look good and feel good in your new bra


Unlock new confidence and take the strain off your back with a fitting at The Fashion Parade.